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This is our new venture and we are trying to reach out to the entire world with a request to join us and enjoy the unlimited possibilities.

What did not happen in the entire history of India, it is happening now. We are very proud and overwhelmed to launch this wonderful non stop shopping carnival in the biggest and longest form of operations. At one end, we will be associating with millions of shops and business entities across the country and at the other end; we will be involving billions of customers from the entire world to enjoy this greatest shopping experience that offers cash back up to 100%. Aren’t you shocked?

All our business associates will be visible on our portal and each shop will clearly mention the percentage of cashback they will allow. Whenever you shop with our associated business entities you will earn the pre mentioned cash back. After the shopping, you can check your wallet to confirm the entry of your cash back. Initially, the entry will be red, till we receive the cash back in our bank account. When this cashback will be transferred to our bank account and upon receiving it, we will confirm the receipt by turning the entry into green to confirm that we have received the cash back.

Now this cash back is your fund but you cannot withdraw any cash. This fund can be used to pay off your shopping bills or services only at our registered business houses. Presently you can use this fund on our focus areas like tourism, hospitality, education, health, furniture, wellness, solar energy, garments, vehicles, real estate etc. In time to come, we will be adding more potential areas in this list which are closer to the heart of our customers. We will be deducting 10% of this fund to manage the show and pay off the salaries of the staff and balance 90% can be utilized as explained above.

Our registration fee for the business community is Rs. 2700/- for two years. They will be free to choose cashback reward for our customers



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